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King wins the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National under breeder judge Jon Breckenridge-Mitchell!!  Go Team King!!

Reflection-Itís a breeders dream to win a National...itís even more to see it done at such a quality record entry under well respected breeder judge Jon Breckenridge-Mitchell. I am humbled by all the hugs and congrats Iíve received, thank you all. Thank you to every single person who had a part in making this National Specialty possible, without these volunteers we would not have such awonderful time. Thank you to my mentors, especially Dorothy Hartcher, for believing in me and teaching me so much about this wonderful breed of ours. Thank you to Garrett Mikel Ramsay for letting me lease the wonderful Ballantyne and to Marilyn Van Vleit for letting me breed to Buddy. Thank you to the many members of Team King for playing a part in the last few years. To Kelly Shane for handling him so beautifully and in the few months she has had him, she has made such a bond with King, he truly loves her. Iím absolutely honored to co-own him with Marian Mizelle, who is the sweetest lady in the world. Thank you to my family for putting up with my crazy dog hobby. Thank you to my Mom, Kathy Fish for getting me my first show dog, a Cardigan and being a part of Pawcific Cardigans. I might have had tears in my eyes a lot today but partly as I know Linda Thompson is having a party for her boy in heaven tonight. Wish you were here to see him shine but you are always in our hearts. Finally to the best boy in the world, King, who always gives 120% and excels in any task we put before him. Iím so proud of you! BISS GrCHB Am/Can/Int CH Pawcific I Walk With The King PT HT JHD CAA BCAT CGC VC


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