The “I thank You God for most this amazing day” Litter

Proud mother and father are...

Pawcific Sent From Heaven "Gwen"

CH Coedwig's On Point "Wookie"


This litter already has a long story.  I think it is valuable for those who are wanting to breed, to consider what can go wrong in a litter.  If it wasn't for our knowledge, a good veterinarian, and our 24 hour care, we would have lost both Gwen and all the puppies.  To read the complete story, please CLICK HERE.


A theme has evolved...

When the puppies were still in that crucial stage of 24 hour care, I had to drive back to Eugene for a quick trip to an opera rehearsal.  On the way down to Eugene, I kept having a song pop in my head that my last choir did a couple of years ago.  I had a little extra time before going to my rehearsal so somehow I decided I had to run by my house and get the CD that had the song on it, as I could not quite remember part of the words (and for a singer forgetting words will drive you crazy until you figure out what they are!!!).  The whole way back I played the song.  It wasn't until I got back to my parents house that it dawned on me...when the puppies were born I had looked up famous people born on October 14th, famous events, etc. and I realized that one of the people that was born on October 14th was e. e. cummings, the poet of the poem that was set to music.  Fate plays out in the strangest ways, but hence why I decided that this litter's theme must be from the poem by e. e. cummings "i thank You God for most this amazing day."  For those of you who are curious about the song, it is a choral piece by Eric Whitacre.  If you would like to find a copy of this song, might I suggest you go to  Go to music from PLU and get the "God is Our Refuge" CD.  The CD consists of music sung by the Choir of the West, #7 is "i thank You God."



Sable Boy #1 - owned by Anna Wigley on Fishbowl Farm on Vashon Island, WA


Sable Boy #2 - owned by Barbara Beck in Bellevue, WA

Pawcific Eyes Wide Open

Black boy #1 - owned by the Burry's in Portland, OR

Pawcific Spirit of Trees

"Alistair" - Black boy #2 - owned by Casey & Liesl in Portland, OR

Pawcific As Time Goes By

"Rocky" - Black boy #3 - owned by the Britt's in Anderson Island, WA

Pawcific Unimaginable You

"Jasper" - Brindle boy - owned by Carol in Burien, WA

Pawcific Most This Amazing Day

"Mazie"  - Brindle girl - will be staying at Pawcific to grow up!