Alice puppies 8 weeks old

At 8 weeks old the puppies are very active and into everything!  Above you will see our best attempt at a group shot.  It is really hard to get busy Border Collie puppies to all look at one place at the same time!

At this time I have two blue merle boys available.  Below you will see a description of each one.  Please email me privately for more details.

Some of the puppies were a bit wiggly this week, so hopefully you can see them all well enough!  The puppies start leaving to their new homes this weekend.  Here are individual pictures...

Blue merle boy #1 - SOLD

This boy is sweet, loving, and lives for his person.  He is nice enough to be shown but a good home is most important.  I think he could excel in a performance situation as well.  He does have one blue eye and one brown eye (with a small fleck of blue in the corner).

Blue merle boy #2 - SOLD

Blue merle boy #3 - SOLD

This boy is excited to go to his new home this week!  He is definitely an active puppy and loves everyone that comes over to visit.

"Arylin" - Blue merle girl #1  - SOLD

Arylin is such a sweet girl and loves playing with her toys!  She is off to Utah to her new family this weekend!

"Buttons" - Blue merle girl #2 - SOLD

She is going on to doing activities with her new owner in Washington.

"Bella" formally "Checkers" - Black girl - SOLD

Checkers is now Bella and has gone to live in Washington.

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