Ash - Am/Aust CH Ruatha Aisling CD, RN, CGC

Ash made her trip over the Rainbow Bridge.  She will be well missed here at Pawcific, but she will live on through her descendants.  Rest in peace, my Ash.

June 20, 1996 - August 30, 2009

Ash was my first Cardigan of my own.  When we moved to Australia, my parents told me I could get my own dog, as we had to place my Sheltie, Sky, before we left as we all felt he wouldn't be able to make the long trip to Australia.  We happened to live close to a very special person named Dorothy Hartcher.  She invited us over to her house and we quickly became close friends.  Ash just happened to be available from the Bracks, who had bred two of Dorothy's dogs together to get Ash.  She is part of our foundation of Pawcific and really upholds a legend of our kennel.

Ash at her first show with us.

Her first show in the USA, brought home a 5 point major at a supported entry!

Ash presented us with three litters in her day.  The first one was out of Pawcific Just Legend PT.  That cross produced Pawcific Legendary Tradition, who took home a major win as a puppy, before he was placed into a pet home.  The second cross was too CH Shadowalk Phi-Vestavia Ikon.  This cross produced two lovely dogs, who are the base for most of our breeding program.  CH Pawcific Merry Miss Carey, a tri girl, and CH Pawcific Good Ole Owain PT, TD, VC, a brindle male.  Her third litter was rather special as we had just bred her to CH Shadowalk Phi-V Alexander, when she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 6.  We didn't know she had a puppy and through all her cancer, Pawcific Sent From Heaven, came into this world.  Ash survived her cancer and to this day is clear of it.

Ash received her CD in June 2002.  It was a group effort as I got her first leg, then she decided that she could just do her own thing in the ring, so Mom took over and without any training came home with her CD in two shows.

In 2003, at her first show as a Veteran, she came home with Best of Opp. in Veteran Sweeps.

About this time, I took her in the rally ring and got her RN, pretty easily.  It was fun to do something again with my old girl.  She does have one leg towards her RA, but decided she was at the end of her road for obedience, so didn't pursue it any longer.

This is Ash's last win as a Veteran.  She is 10 years old here.

Here is my girl in 2008.  She is now 13 years old and going strong.  She is partly deaf and doesn't see so well, but still gets around.  I am very honored to have a heart dog like Ash and that I had the opportunity to share my life with her.