Pawcific Isabella's Promise - Bella

"Bella's story"

A long time ago we had a litter at the same time my son, Evan, was born...there was this puppy named "Bella" that stuck with me...but alas I made a big mistake as a breeder and followed others opinions instead of my heart.  Lesson learned...always follow your heart. 

This is the story of Bella.  A beautiful girl who is obviously one of my special heart dogs who found her way back into my life just recently after almost 7 years of being in a pet home.  It was sad to see her come back, but on the other hand, I know now she was never meant to leave...

Bella was born on March 15, 2004.  Her sire is Owain, CH Pawcific Good Ole Owain PT, TD, VC, and her mother is Wish, CH Pawcific Wishes From Wingello.  This was Wish's last litter (she was spayed and placed in a home shortly after) and Owain's first litter.  I had 5 puppies in that litter, 2 girls and 3 boys.  Bella was the only brindle pointed black, the others were all red brindles.

At evaluation time, I had a newborn baby and tons of other things on my mind, like finishing my BMA degree (with a baby in tow), and much more.  I had several breeders come over and help me evaluate the puppies and most said they were average pups, probably should just place them as pets.  So, I did.  All of the puppies went to great pet homes.  I had the gut feeling I was making a mistake, but I did it without looking back.

At around the age where I would have started to show this litter, I got a call from Jan with one of the boy puppies in the litter.  Jan explained that maybe I should take a look at her boy and see if by chance I wanted to show him.  I agreed to look at him again and reevaluate him as he was my pick boy.  Well, when I saw him I about died.  He was a gorgeous puppy!  So, I had the pleasure of showing him and he became CH Pawcific Red Ryder with 4 majors out of the puppy class.  One of the last times I showed him the judge stopped me and asked what his specials career was going to look like.  I told her...well he probably won't have one...and she got rather upset as she thought he had the potential of being a great.  Well, I couldn't do much as Jan loved him dearly and it was best for us all that he go home and do other things with Jan.  And I did remind myself that I did still have his father, so you know I still have that line.

Through that experience I started looking back at the puppy pictures of that litter.  I swore that if I ever saw my pick puppy, that little brindle pointed black girl, I probably would regret it forever. 

So, what did I do...I tried my best at reproducing that litter.  I brought home a daughter of Wish's littermate sister, Rosey, thanks to breeder and co-owner Kim Shira, named Brea, CH Coedwig Remember Me.  Once she was old enough I bred her to Owain, getting as close to what I could possibly do in repeating the breeding.  That litter became my "Wish" themed litter, in remembrance of the first litter. 

The star from that litter became CH Pawcific Secret Wish.  Secret has been recognized by many, topping her career (thus far) with Best Bred by at Eukanuba and many group placings.

During the Portland show in 2011, I got an email from a man about a pet puppy I had placed a long time ago.  I won't get into details but basically he had to bring her back to me to re-home.  They ended up dropping her off on the last day of the cluster in the afternoon when we were packing up and getting ready to leave for home.  I, at that point, couldn't quite remember what litter this puppy had come out of nor place who this person was without going back to look at records. 

Until I saw was a quick exchange but immediately I knew...this was the puppy...that brindle pointed black that I knew should have stayed so many years ago.  The reason why the "Wish" themed litter happened.  I walked back to our set up with her in tow, trotting along beside me with a smile on her face...crying.

She came back to the house with a relief on her face like...well finally I am back where I belong.  She amazes me everyday with her happy personality, loving temperament, playfulness, and beauty.

The lesson to us breeders...if all else fails...follow your heart.  Only you can make the decisions for your breeding program, listen to your gut, your inkling, your intuition, before trusting any other opinion.  By all means, get those opinions, that is how we all learn to be better breeders, but don't ignore your heart.

Since she never had a full registered name...I call her Pawcific Isabella's Promise.  A promise to keep for life.  She may someday make it to the veterans ring, or maybe the rally ring (she loves having fun!), but if nothing else, she is my loving companion and one of those special heart dogs.

~ Emily