Spark-ly puppies 8 weeks old

The puppies are now 8 weeks old!  The first one leaves this weekend, then they slowly go in the next two weeks.  They have tons of experiences this week, lots of new toys to play with, many noises of planes flying, thunderstorms, and fireworks, plus visitors!

I still have one puppy available in this litter, a blue merle male, Flint.  I may part with another blue merle show female, please email me if you are interested.

This week is starts the challenge of getting puppies to hold still enough!  They want to leap off the table, or get the camera, or their goes Evan, let's follow him! and definitely not the we are sweet puppies who just stand still all the time!  After taking a slew of pictures, I think we got a few good ones below.  Please realize that some of them were trying to leap off the table for their front shots, so many aren't actually standing up on their legs properly!!

"Flint" - Blue merle boy #1 - SOLD

Flint is going home to live with his sister Moon!

"Dazzle" - Blue merle girl #2 - SOLD

Dazzle is one of the girls I am growing up.  She has tons of angles and I love her sweet expression.

"Rocky" - Blue merle boy #2 - SOLD

Rocky will be going to a home in Canada and will have a future in obedience, agility, and foremost a companion!

"Azula" - Blue merle girl #3 - SOLD

Azula is the other girl I am growing up.  She is an active girl and looks a lot like her Daddy.

"Abz" - Black boy #1 - SOLD

Abz will live in Hillsboro and is looking forward to doing everything!

"Jade" - Black girl #1 - SOLD

Jade is going to live in Canada and pursue agility, obedience, and herding!

"Moon" - Black girl #2 - SOLD

Moon is going to live in Longview, WA and pursue everything!

"Mist" - Blue merle girl #1 - SOLD

Mist is moving to Alaska to be first and foremost a companion!

To see pictures from Week 7 CLICK HERE