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If you are interested in a puppy, you might want to check out the CWCCA breeder's directory at 

Puppies born July 26, 2017!

4 black/tri boys and 1 black girl

Betsy is a proud first time mother!  She and puppies are doing fabulous.  Betsy is Pawcific Blessed Be The Name, littermate to GrCH Pawcific I Walk With The King.  She will not be shown due to the fact that she has a fluffy coat, but she was the pick girl from the Hymn litter and I decided I want to still use her in my breeding program.  I bred her to Harley, CH Aurora Riverside Livin' The Dream.  Harley is clear for the fluffy coat, so no puppies will be like their mother, all will have correct coats.  I am really excited to see how they grow up!

Please inquire if interested in a pet/companion male puppy.  At this time my list is full for show/breeding puppies in this litter and the female is already spoken for.




To view information about our litter out of Wookie/Gwen please CLICK HERE  This litter has one special story.


We have made the tough decision to not breed the blue merle color anymore, as we would like to focus on our brindle, tri's and work on bringing back our reds/sables.  If you are interested in a blue merle, we can certainly refer you to another breeder.  But, please understand that we will not have a blue merle ourselves.

That's one relaxed puppy!!!

If you are interested in a puppy or an older dog, please email us a questionnaire. 

Inquiries about our kennel are always welcome!  Understand we do have a busy life and it sometimes takes a while to get through emails.

If you are interested in being put on our list for a puppy please copy the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

into an email or word document, fill it out and email it to us.

Pawcific Puppy Buyer Questionnaire